Obligations before the commencement of construction works

Before the commencement of construction works, you must submit a notification for the commencement of construction, secure the construction site, and mark it properly

You must report the start of construction in writing or electronically via the ePermit service to the competent Office for Construction and physical planning no later than eight days before the start of construction. The list of competent offices is available on the website of the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets.
List of competent offices

In the application for commencement of construction, it is necessary to indicate the class, registration number and date of issue of the building permit, Contractor and Supervising Engineer, and to accompany the application with proof that the building plot was formed in the cadastre, if the building for which the building plot is determined is being constructed.
The competent Office for Construction and physical planning shall inform the Ministry of the Interior, Construction inspection and Labour inspection.