Become an e-Citizen

You can become an e-Citizen in three easy steps
1. Find out who can use the e-Citizens digital portal? 2.  Find the right log in digital credential or apply for a free one.
You probably already own a digital credentials that allows you to log in to e-Citizens (such as an eOI or a bank token). Check out the list of accepted digital credentials. If you do not have one, you can apply for a free digital credential mToken (2) significant level of security or ePASS (1) low level of security.

3. Browse through the Catalogue of e-Services.
e-Services and digital credentials are classified into three security level categories (3) high, (2) significant and (1) low. Filter through the Catalogue of Services to find out which services you can access with your chosen digital credential. The digital credential provides access to services of the same security level and lower.

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If you want to know more

Who can become an e-Citizen?

e-Citizens—a portal for information and e-services of the Republic of Croatia—can be used by all Croatian citizens, digital nomads and all foreign nationals (EU, non-EU, EEA) with temporary residence in Croatia

How do I log into e-Citizens?

In everyday life, we use public documents (e.g., ID card, passport and the like) to prove our identity. In the digital world of e-Citizens we prove our electronic identity by using a digital credential

What is a user inbox and how do I activate it?

The User inbox is one of the services of the e-Citizens digital platform, which enables you to receive official messages related to public services, procedures (their progress) and status, as well as to view, manage and store those messages

List of Accepted Digital Credentials

Find out which documents you can use to prove your identity in the digital world of e-Citizens