Starting a business

You can start your business using the new START system in just one step, in just a few days, at a significantly lower cost

Entrepreneurship in culture

You can also be an entrepreneur in the cultural domain: by founding an art organisation, a private theatre, a museum or a gallery

Establishment of educational institutions

Find out what you need to meet the requirements for the establishment of private educational institutions

Support to employers

Find out what supports you are entitled to as an employer. Empower your business by using grants


Food production is an important segment of economic activity, and you can improve your business with grants from the EU funds


To be successful in tourism, you need to fulfil some obligations, but this activity also opens up many possibilities

Development of islands

Find out about the support for island employers and the attribution of the “Croatian island product” label

Protection of intellectual property

In business terms, intellectual property is an intangible asset and its successful exploitation can be a valuable foundation or contribution to your business

Business premises

Learn how to lease business premises owned by the Republic of Croatia, and find out about monument annuities

Entrepreneurial Infrastructure

Entrepreneurial infrastructure in the Republic of Croatia includes entrepreneurial zones and entrepreneurial support institutions that enable entrepreneurial activities to be carried out in standardized conditions with high infrastructure equipment

Free Zones

A free zone is a specially fenced and marked part of the territory located in the area of a seaport or airport, a river pier, along an international road and in other areas where the conditions for the operation of a free zone exist

Basic Occupational Safety Obligations for Employers

Get information about the basic occupational safety obligations of employers, professional examinations for Occupational Safety Experts, and providing first aid to employees in the workplace

Compulsory charges payment calendar

With the compulsory charges payment calendar e-service authorised persons can review certain charges business entities are required to pay

Public procurement

Public procurement procedures are conducted through the Electronic Public Procurement Classifieds of the Republic of Croatia (EOJN RH)

Beneficial Ownership Register

The new e-service of data entry in the Beneficial Ownership Register enables authorized persons to enter data in the Registry, and the Access option provides the public with free access to data on natural persons who own a specific legal entity which is obligated to enter its data in the Registry