ePermit - Dealing with Construction Permits

The “e-Permit” system is a digital system for submitting applications for issuing building and use permits for construction works

The procedure for issuing permits has been simplified and fully digitised, the content of required documents for issuing the permit was reduced, and communication of all participants in the system is performed electronically by establishing the electronic notice board
Via the public portal, citizens can fill in all required information, attach annexes and projects, and view the stage reached by their application at any moment. 
The system is integrated into the e-Citizens system and fully adapted for e-business.
Filling in applications
The applicants for issuing building and use permits for construction works as well as other acts are, via the public portal, enabled to:
  • fill in applications electronically.
The following is available:
  • all official forms for submitting an application
  • information on offices competent for issuing permits, public law bodies, certified designers and currently valid building regulations
  • procedure for going through the process of submitting an application, and data on spatial plans.
The e-Permit system is a part of the Physical Planning Information System (PPIS).

Since the beginning of 2017, all administrative bodies that issue construction acts in the Republic of Croatia are involved in the functioning of the e-Permit.  
Additionally, under the amendments to the legal framework adopted in April 2019, the system was upgraded with a new module e-Conference, which is used for submitting, collecting and processing all documents required for the issuing of the building permit. This electronic procedure reduces the amount of the investor’s “walking” from office to office of institutions that issue documents; instead, clerks in offices that issue permits collect certificates required for issuing the permit.