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12 services are available to parents on the e-Citizens portal

12 services are available on the e-Citizens portal for parents who can use them on behalf of their underage child


Changing the selected physician eHZZO

From this year you can easily change your primary health care doctors such as family medicine doctor, dentist, gynecologist for women and pediatrician for children


How will you recognise services completely integrated with the new e-Citizens portal?

All listed services have a red navigation bar where, after signing in, you can find the inbox, user profile, service filter, and the accessibility options


e-Conservation location information

Digital and publicly available service of the Ministry of Culture and Media on the e-Citizens portal regulating the protection of cultural heritage



eHZZO is a new electronic service for natural persons, and the novelty is that it gives parents the opportunity to use it on behalf of a minor child and enables them to submit applications for the selection or change of a physician chosen


Great news in e-Class Register – justification of absences

From now on it will be possible to justify students' absences


New mobile application service mPorezna with the possibility of easier and faster submission of the PO-SD form which also fills the calculations

Taxpayers exercising self-employment and income tax are now able to submit a PO-SD form faster and simpler through the mPorezna mobile application in just a few clicks


The deadline for submission of Applications for renewal and granting of financial assistance will expire on 31st December 2023

Application forms for the reconstruction of earthquake-damaged buildings of Sisak-Moslavina County, Karlovac County and Zagreb County area


International Volunteer Day – 5th December

In the last ten years there has been a significant increase in volunteer activities, in 2022 alone there has been an increase in the number of reporting applicants, now more than 1700, bringing together more than 63 thousand volunteers who have allocated more than three million hours of work


e-Civil Registries

Through the e-service of e-Civil Registries, you can request and receive an electronic record of your data and the data of your minor child stored in the State Registries database


PK form - Step by Step

The tax card, i.e. the PK form, is held by every working person in the Republic of Croatia. Changes in the tax card are quickly resolved, but in order to submit a request for such changes, it is necessary to use e-citizens where the PK form can easily be reached

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