Energy certificate

If you are the owner of a building, prior to the issuing of a use permit for the building, its sale or renting out, you are required to obtain the energy certificate

An energy certificate is a document that indicates the energy performance of a building. Energy certificates are prepared by persons authorised for energy certification, and you can find a list of authorised persons on the website of the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets

List of persons authorised for energy certification
The energy certificate of a building or a particular part thereof shall be issued for buildings or their particular parts in which it is necessary to use energy to maintain the indoor design temperature in accordance with their purpose, except for:
  • buildings used for religious purposes
  • temporary buildings with a planned time of use of two years or less, industrial buildings, workshops and non-residential agricultural buildings with low energy demand
  • residential buildings used less than four months in a year
  • fully detached buildings having a useful floor area of less than 50 m2.
The investor or the owner of a building subject to energy certification shall, prior to the issuing of a use permit, obtain the energy certificate.

The owner of a building or a particular part thereof for which the energy certificate is issued shall:
  • obtain the energy certificate prior to selling, renting out or leasing the building or a particular part thereof
  • hand over the energy certificate or a copy thereof to the buyer, tenant or lessee
  • show the energy certificate to a prospective buyer, tenant or lessee
  • list the energy class of the building or a particular part thereof in media advertisements when offering it for sale, rent or leasing.

The energy certificate has a validity of ten years from the date of its issue.