My Profile

The My Profile electronic service is the central service of e-Citizens, which allows the user to administer their own user account (unique user identity) in the system

With the user-oriented My Profile e-service, the user can personalise their NIAS user account in the system and profile certain activities associated with the functioning of NIAS. The primary objective is to allow the user to view the history of all logins they have made via NIAS to access different e-services, monitor the use of credentials, set the method of access to each of the e-services and enable entry of the e-mail address to which the user wants to receive notifications. The options offered to the user under My Profile are: Shortcut Creation, Automatic Permissions, History of Access and Use of Credentials. My Profile is automatically created for the user when they log in to the system via the navigation bar.

Shortcut Creation

My Profile allows the user to create personalised groups of shortcuts with links to the desired services. Initially, a predefined group of shortcuts called My Shortcuts is created for the user, which the user can subsequently manage. 

Automatic Permissions

The user is able to configure automatic permissions for e-services that use authentication via NIAS. When logging in to an e-service, NIAS asks the user to confirm that authentication has actually been requested by that e-service and to confirm that data has been forwarded to the e-service. In this case it is necessary to make an additional step every time, i.e. to confirm the request for authentication via NIAS made by the e-service. My Profile provides the option of configuring automatic permissions for NIAS. Once the automatic permission for an e-service is configured, NIAS will no longer ask the User to confirm that the e-service requested authentication via NIAS. 

History of Access

In My Profile, History of Access provides an overview of the history of logins to e-services via NIAS within a defined time frame. 

Use of Credentials

In My Profile, the user can view the history of use of all credentials they have and define the e-mail address to which they want to receive notifications about each e-service login.