Legal protection

Free legal aid

Find out whether you are entitled to free legal aid and under what conditions you can get it

Trial within reasonable time

If, as a party to court proceedings, you believe that the competent court has not ruled on your right within reasonable time, you are entitled to legal protection and compensation

Consumer bankruptcy

On the first day of 2016, the concept of consumer bankruptcy was introduced. Consumer bankruptcy proceedings can only be initiated if the consumer is insolvent


The service enables the submission of an application for enforcement on the basis of an authentic document, the submission of subsequent corrections and additions, as well as monitoring the status of the proceedings


Probation is the conditional and supervised freedom of the offender. Persons on probation may be defendants, convicts or detainees

Community service for misdemeanours

If FINA does not collect a fine of more than 265,45 EUR within two years, the court will issue a decision on substituting the fine for community service

Enforcement of custodial sentences

Individuals sentenced to imprisonment for up to six months are referred to prisons closest to their place of residence or, in case of longer imprisonment, they are first referred to the Diagnostic Centre in Zagreb

Decision on rehabilitation

Having undergone rehabilitation, an offender is entitled to deny any previous convictions and enjoy the same rights and freedoms and persons who have not been convicted

Application for an amnesty

You can apply for an amnesty once the judgment becomes final, but this will not delay the criminal sanction

Lodging an application with the European Court of Human Rights

You can lodge an application with the European Court of Human Rights if you believe that your rights from the European Convention on Human Rights have been infringed

e-Administrative proceedings

Submission of information on administrative cases of bodies integrated into the APA IT system

Cross-border cooperation in the area of child protection

Find out more about cross-border cooperation procedures for the purpose of child protection