Establishment of a Kindergarten

Kindergartens may be established by legal and natural persons after fulfilling the requirements for performing the professional activity

Requirements for Performing the Professional Activity

A legal or natural person may establish a kindergarten by a Memorandum issued by the founder in accordance with the provisions of the Institutions Act and the Early Childhood Education Act.

The conditions for initiating the professional activity of a kindergarten are:
  • an approved work programme
  • the required number of educators, professional associates and other employees
  • premises and equipment provided for permanent performance of the activity, in accordance with labour standards and norms prescribed by the State Early Childhood Education Standard
  • secured funds for the establishment and initiation of the kindergarten's activities
  • proof of fulfilment of other statutory requirements.

Required documents

The founder of the kindergarten shall submit the two following applications to the Ministry of Science and Education:

A) the application for assessment of the compliance of the Memorandum with the law to which it is enclosed
  • two copies of the Memorandum signed by the founder and
  • evidence of payment of the administrative fee in the amount of 18,58 EUR (payment is made to the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia, EFT data: IBAN: HR1210010051863000160, Model No.: HR64, Ref. No.: 5002-1222-Croatian Personal ID Number of the payer).

B) the application for consent to the kindergarten work programme to which it is enclosed
  • kindergarten work programme and
  • 4,65 EUR of administrative fees in fiscal stamps.

The Memorandum of the Kindergarten shall contain the provisions defined in Article 13 of the Institutions Act and Article 8 of the Early Childhood Education Act on:
  • the work programme of the kindergarten and the manner and requirements of its implementation
  • educators and professional associates
  • requirements and manner of providing the premises and equipment
  • powers of the Kindergarten Principal.

The Kindergarten Work Programme is a document which shall be drafted in accordance with the basic regulations governing early childhood education in the Republic of Croatia. In order to meet the regulations and professional requirements, the programme shall be made on the basis of structural and content determinants defining the drafting method of the programme which is available on the websites of the Ministry of Science and Education and the Education Agency. Approval of the programme is issued by the competent Ministry based on the positive expert opinion of the Education Agency.

Ministry of Science and Education

Education Agency.

After the Ministry issues a decision on the assessment of the statutory compliance of the Memorandum and provides its consent to the kindergarten work programme, the founder submits the application for initiation of activities to the County Office or the Office of the City of Zagreb competent for education, which issues a decision on the initiation of activities.

The kindergarten may start its activities after obtaining a decision on the initiation of activities issued by the City Office of the City of Zagreb, provided that the kindergarten meets the conditions for initiation of professional activities. The procedure for determining the fulfilment of requirements for the initiation of professional activities is performed according to the statutory provisions governing the general administrative procedure by an expert committee appointed by the State Administration Office of the county or the City Office of the City of Zagreb.

State Administration Offices by county

The kindergarten founder submits an application for registration in the court register after obtaining:
  • a decision of the Ministry of Science and Education establishing statutory compliance of the kindergarten Memorandum
  • a decision of the County Office or the City Office of the City of Zagreb competent for education authorizing the initiation of early childhood education activities.

On the basis of registration in the court register, data regarding the kindergarten is entered into the e-registry of kindergartens kept by the Ministry of Science and Education.

Authorization for performing service activities may also be obtained via the E-Procedure.
For more information on the E-Procedure, see the website of the Points of Single Contact for Services

E-Procedure for obtaining authorization to perform service activities