e-Civil Registries

Through the e-service of e-Civil Registries, you can request and receive an electronic record of your data and the data of your minor child stored in the State Registries database

Requests that can be made:
  • e-Certificate of Citizenship
  • e-Birth Certificate
  • e-Extract from the Marriage Register
  • e-Marriage Certificate
  • e-Confirmation of Life Partnership
  • e-Record from the voter's registry.
By selecting the document for which you want to submit a request, you can:
  • request the issuance of an electronic record of your data
  • review previously submitted requests for the issuance of an electronic record.
Once you request an electronic record, it will be delivered, depending on your choice, to the entered email address and/or in the user's inbox.
The required level for logging into the e-service is the lowest / level 1, i.e., the e-service can already be used with an ePass credential.

If you want to use this service for your minor child, click the arrow next to your name in the right corner of the red strip to open a small window and select "Change Subject"."