New service of the Ministry of Tourism and sports Exercise of rights in the sports system

The main goal is to ensure the continuous and structured collection of data by all segments of sport in the Republic of Croatia financed from budget funds intended for public sports needs

What is the National information system in sports?
A system in which information on:

  • activities of persons engaged in sporting activities
  • spending of funds earmarked for the Programme of implementation of the National Sport Programme
  • the system of competitions
  • professional personnel in sports
  • planning, construction and maintenance of sports buildings
  • children athletes
  • categorized athletes
  • recreational activities of citizens.

The National information system in sport enables, through the service, the Exercise of rights in the sports system:

  • insight into the records and registers of the National information system in sports
  • application for recognition of foreign professional qualifications in the field of sport for the purpose of establishing and providing services of regulated professions in the field of sport on a temporary and occasional basis
  • submission of applications for tenders and public calls
  • application for the exercise of rights in sport
  • registration/printing from the register of self-employed sports activities.